1. 12 Sep, 2017 1 commit
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      Make GListModelInterface::get_item usable from GObject Introspection bindings · bb26bc29
      Sam Thursfield authored
      Language bindings have so far been unable to implement the GListModel
      interface because the ::get_item virtual function returns a
      non-bindable type (gpointer). The `gpointer` type gets translated into
      `void` by G-I meaning that get_item() implementations can't return any
      We can set the return type of the get_item() vfunc explicitly to
      GObject, which fixes the issue.
      This patch also removes the existing (type GObject) annotation on
      g_list_model_get_item(), which is necessary because if its return type
      matches that of the get_item() vfunc, G-I connects the two and
      propagates the 'skip' annotation from one to the other resulting in the
      get_item() vfunc being hidden. There's no API break here because the
      'skip' annotation makes g_list_model_get_item() invisible to G-I users
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