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      Fix multiple bugs in g_srv_target_list_sort() · ce6fbd62
      Dan Winship authored
      In particular, targets with weight 0 should be very UNlikely to be
      selected, not very likely, as they were before. However, even ignoring
      that bug in the logic, there was an additional bug (swapping list
      items would cause the 0-weight items to get re-ordered incorrectly
      anyway), and the code contained several fencepost errors.
      This patch also adds gio/tests/srvtarget.c, which confirms that for a
      sample list of targets, we now generate all possible correct random
      sortings and no incorrect sortings, and the correct sortings occur in
      roughly the expected proportions (though if the current code is
      still wrong, those proportions may be wrong as well).