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      Some final g_test_build_filename() porting · e66abbe2
      Allison Karlitskaya authored
      This should be the last users that need to be ported.
      For some of the oldschool non-gtester-ified tests, we call g_test_init()
      from main() because it is necessary in order to use
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    • Owen Taylor's avatar
      Changes for 64-bit cleanliness, loosely based on patch from Mark Murnane. · f5c28ce4
      Owen Taylor authored
      Wed Jun 20 12:00:54 2001  Owen Taylor  <otaylor@redhat.com>
              Changes for 64-bit cleanliness, loosely based on patch
      	from Mark Murnane.
      	* gconvert.c (g_convert/g_convert_with_fallback): Remove
      	workarounds for since-fixed GNU libc bugs. Minor
      	doc fix.
      	* gconvert.[ch]: Change gint to gsize/gssize as
      	* gconvert.c (g_locale/filename_to/from_utf8): Fix incorrect
      	computation of bytes_read / bytes_written.
      	* gfileutils.[ch] (g_file_get_contents): Make length
      	out parameter 'gsize *len'.
      	* ghook.c (g_hook_compare_ids): Don't compare a
      	and b as 'a - b'.
      	* gmacros.h (GSIZE_TO_POINTER): Add GPOINTER_TO_SIZE,
      	* gmain.c (g_timeout_prepare): Rewrite to avoid
      	overflows. (Fixes bug when system clock skews
      	backwards more than 24 days.)
      	* gmarkup.[ch]: Make lengths passed to callbacks
      	gsize, length for g_markup_parse-context_parse(),
      	g_markup_escape_text() gssize.
      	* gmessages.[ch] (g_printf_string_upper_bound): Change
      	return value to gsize.
      	* gmessages.c (printf_string_upper_bound): Remove
      	a ridiculous use of 'inline' on a 300 line function.
      	* gstring.[ch]: Represent size of string as a gsize,
      	not gint. Make parameters to functions take gsize,
      	or gssize where -1 is allowed.
      	* gstring.c (g_string_erase): Make
      	g_string_erase (string, pos, -1) a synonym for
      	g_string_truncate for consistency with other G*
      	* gstrfuncs.[ch]: Make all functions taking a string
      	length, take a gsize, or gssize if -1 is allowed.
      	(g_strstr_len, g_strrstr_len). Also fix some boundary
      	conditions in g_str[r]str[_len].
      	* gutf8.c tests/unicode-encoding.c: Make parameters that
      	are byte lengths gsize, gssize as appropriate. Make
      	character offsets, other counts, glong.
      	* gasyncqueue.c gcompletion.c
                timeloop.c timeloop-basic.c gutils.c gspawn.c.
      	Small 64 bit cleanliness fixups.
      	* glist.c (g_list_sort2, g_list_sort_real): Fix functions
      	that should have been static.
      	* gdate.c (g_date_fill_parse_tokens): Fix extra
      	declaration that was shadowing another.
      	* tests/module-test.c: Include string.h
      Mon Jun 18 15:43:29 2001  Owen Taylor  <otaylor@redhat.com>
      	* gutf8.c (g_get_charset): Make argument
      	G_CONST_RETURN char **.
  11. 06 Jan, 2001 1 commit
    • Tor Lillqvist's avatar
      Get len using strlen() if arg is negative in the Win32 code, too. · deb68e15
      Tor Lillqvist authored
      2001-01-06  Tor Lillqvist  <tml@iki.fi>
      	* gconvert.c (g_locale_to_utf8, g_locale_from_utf8): Get len using
      	strlen() if arg is negative in the Win32 code, too.
      	* giowin32.c: Changes necessary to be able to run
      	mainloop-test. We can't close the fd that our (internal) reader
      	thread is sitting doing a blocking read() from. We must terminate
      	the thread first. Keep track of thread handle, and close it when
      	thread is dying. Start reader thread with the lower-level
      	CreateThread() instead of _beginthreadex() from the C runtime, in
      	order to be able to use TerminateThread(). Hopefuly this isn't
      	* glib.def: Update.
      	* tests/makefile.{mingw,msc}.in (TESTS): Add mainloop-test and
      	* tests/mainloop-test.c: Portability: <unistd.h>, need <fcntl.h>
      	on Win32.
      	* tests/unicode-encoding.c (process): Add missing "line" argument
      	to fail(). On Win32, convert UTF-16LE, as libiconv'c ivonf always
      	converts to UTF-16BE if we ask for unspecific UTF-16.
      	(main) Handle also '\r'.
  12. 05 Jan, 2001 1 commit
    • Owen Taylor's avatar
      move $enable_debug down below checks for GCC to avoid setting CFLAGS · 956f00ed
      Owen Taylor authored
      Fri Jan  5 11:25:42 2001  Owen Taylor  <otaylor@redhat.com>
      	* configure.in (PACKAGE): move $enable_debug down below
      	checks for GCC to avoid setting CFLAGS prematurely,
      	change checks to avoid adding -g twice.
      	* gutf8.c (g_ucs4_to_utf8): Support len < 0 to mean
      	0 termination.
      	* gutf8.c (g_utf8_to_ucs4): Terminate result with 0.
      	* tests/mainloop-test.c (main): Fix uses of
      	* tests/unicode-encoding.c tests/Makefile.am tests/utf8.txt:
      	Tests for unicode-conversion code.
      	* gconvert.c (g_convert, g_convert_with_fallback): work around
      	a couple of GNU libc bugs.
      	* gconvert.[ch] (g_{locale,filename}_{to,from}_utf8): Standardize
      	arguments to match g_convert(). Document.
      	* gunicode.[ch]:
      	  - Implement conversion functions to and from UTF-16
      	  - Standardize unicode conversion functions on prototype like
      	  - Add a lot of error checking to unicode conversion functions.
      	* gunicode.[ch] (g_utf8_to_ucs4_fast): Add fast, non-checking
      	variant of g_utf8_to_ucs4.
      	* gutf8.c (g_utf8_validate):
      	 - add g_return_if_fail (str != NULL).
      	 - add checks for overlong strings, non-valid Unicode characters (>= 110000)
      	   and single surrogates.