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      check for all three inline keywords individually. · 0b42c37e
      Tim Janik authored
      Mon Sep  7 07:53:21 1998  Tim Janik  <timj@gtk.org>
              * configure.in: check for all three inline keywords individually.
              * glib.h: inlining hassle. for compilers that don't allow the `inline'
              keyword, mostly because of strict ANSI C compliance or dumbness, we try
              to fall back to either `__inline__' or `__inline'.
              we define G_CAN_INLINE, if the compiler seems to be actually *capable*
              to do function inlining, in which case inline function bodys do make
              sense. we also define G_INLINE_FUNC to properly export the function
              prototypes if no inlinig can be performed. we special case most of the
              stuff, so inline functions can have a normal implementation by defining
              G_INLINE_FUNC to extern and G_CAN_INLINE to 1.
              * ltconfig: (compiler PIC flag test): special case linux for non
              aout systems to honour lcc's position independant code (cases
              "linux*aout)" and "linux*)" got added). (this needs to go into
              libtool which does an advanced test, checking for __LCC__).
              * autogen.sh: take $CC=lcc into account by invoking automake with
              --include-deps so lcc isn't scared by gcc's auto-dependancy
              generation code. care about $ACLOCAL_FLAGS. optionally feature
              * minor fixups in other places to cure some of lcc's warnings.
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