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      Fix usage of _GNU_SOURCE · e56498ee
      Dan Winship authored
      _GNU_SOURCE must be defined before including any other (system)
      header, so defining it in glib-unix.h (and hoping no one has included
      anything else before that) is wrong. And the "#define _USE_GNU"
      workaround for this problem in gnetworkingprivate.h is even wronger
      (and still prone to failure anyway due to single-include guards).
      Fix this by defining _GNU_SOURCE in config.h when building against
      glibc. In theory this is bad because new releases of glibc may include
      symbols that conflict with glib symbols, which could then cause
      compile failures. However, most people only see new releases of glibc
      when they upgrade their distro, at which point they also generally get
      new releases of gcc, which have new warnings/errors to clean up
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