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      Add flexible API version boundaries · 34aeeb7d
      Emmanuele Bassi authored
      There are cases when it should be possible to define at compile time
      what range of functions and types should be used, in order to get,
      or restrict, the compiler warnings for deprecated or newly added
      types or functions.
      For instance, if GLib introduces a deprecation warning on a type in
      version 2.32, application code can decide to specify the minimum and
      maximum boundary of the used API to be 2.30; when compiling against
      a new version of GLib, this would produce the following results:
        - all deprecations introduced prior to 2.32 would emit compiler
          warnings when used by the application code;
        - all deprecations introduced in 2.32 would not emit compiler
          warnings when used by the application code;
        - all new symbols introduced in 2.32 would emit a compiler warning.
      Using this scheme it should be possible to have fairly complex
      situations, like the following one:
        assuming that an application is compiled with:
        and a GLib header containing:
          void function_A (void) GLIB_DEPRECATED_IN_2_26;
          void function_B (void) GLIB_DEPRECATED_IN_2_28;
          void function_C (void) GLIB_DEPRECATED_IN_2_30;
          void function_D (void) GLIB_AVAILABLE_IN_2_32;
          void function_E (void) GLIB_AVAILABLE_IN_2_34;
        any application code using the above functions will get the following
        compiler warnings:
          function_A: deprecated symbol warning
          function_B: deprecated symbol warning
          function_C: no warning
          function_D: no warning
          function_E: undefined symbol warning
      This means that it should be possible to gradually port code towards
      non-deprecated API gradually, on a per-release basis.
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      Move remaining docs inline · 3f0d2752
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      This introduces a fake source file just for holding
      docs that have no good place elsewhere. Not great, but
      better than templates.