1. 28 Dec, 2018 3 commits
  2. 26 Dec, 2018 1 commit
    • Vasily Galkin's avatar
      gspawn, tests: check passing special chars in args · 387739b0
      Vasily Galkin authored
      The existing singlethread g_spawn_sync test is modified and now tests
      that special characters in arguments are correctly passed to child.
      The test is added before spawn escaping fixing on win32
      and covers the case currently broken on win32:
      'trailing \ in argument containing space'.
  3. 21 Dec, 2018 1 commit
  4. 18 Dec, 2018 3 commits
  5. 17 Dec, 2018 2 commits
  6. 14 Dec, 2018 1 commit
  7. 12 Dec, 2018 1 commit
  8. 09 Dec, 2018 1 commit
    • Tomasz Miąsko's avatar
      tests: Rename macro to avoid conflict with encoding prefix · e3234289
      Tomasz Miąsko authored
      Use macro name that doesn't conflict with string literal encoding prefix `U`.
      ../glib/tests/fileutils.c(282): warning C4133: 'function': incompatible types - from 'unsigned int [2]' to 'const gchar *'
      ../glib/tests/fileutils.c(284): warning C4133: 'function': incompatible types - from 'unsigned int [2]' to 'const gchar *'
      ../glib/tests/fileutils.c(285): warning C4133: 'function': incompatible types - from 'unsigned int [2]' to 'const gchar *'
      ../glib/tests/fileutils.c(286): warning C4133: 'function': incompatible types - from 'unsigned int [2]' to 'const gchar *'
      ../glib/tests/fileutils.c(287): warning C4133: 'function': incompatible types - from 'unsigned int [3]' to 'const gchar *'
  9. 04 Dec, 2018 4 commits
  10. 29 Nov, 2018 1 commit
  11. 28 Nov, 2018 1 commit
    • Peter Wu's avatar
      genviron: make g_environ_* case-insensitive on Windows · a51ab0a5
      Peter Wu authored
      g_environ_getenv(env, "PATH") and g_environ_setenv(env, "PATH", newpath)
      did not have the intended effect on Windows due to the environment block
      containing "Path=". Make these functions case-insensitive for Windows.
  12. 27 Nov, 2018 2 commits
  13. 13 Nov, 2018 2 commits
    • Tomasz Miąsko's avatar
      gmain: Guarantee handler dispatch after receiving UNIX signal · 969b0e00
      Tomasz Miąsko authored
      Guarantee that user signal callback is dispatched _after_ receiving a
      signal as long as the handler expresses continued interest in receiving
      such a notification.
      Previously if a signal has been received during user callback dispatch
      but before pending flag had been cleared then the signal would be
      irrevocably lost.
      This is a very useful guarantee to have in cases where signals are used
      to signify a need for synchronization with external resources. For
      example: reloading configuration file after SIGUSR1 or retrieving a
      terminal size after SIGWINCH.
    • Tomasz Miąsko's avatar
      gdate: Use longest matching month name in g_date_set_parse · ba18822f
      Tomasz Miąsko authored
      There are languages where a name of one month is a substring of another.
      Instead of stopping search on the first match use the month that
      constitutes the longest match.
      Fixes #1343.
  14. 06 Nov, 2018 1 commit
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  16. 04 Nov, 2018 1 commit
  17. 01 Nov, 2018 3 commits
  18. 31 Oct, 2018 8 commits
  19. 30 Oct, 2018 2 commits
    • Christophe Fergeau's avatar
      test-gvariant: Add test for ^ay, ^&ay, ^aay, ^a&ay · 7d1b94d7
      Christophe Fergeau authored
      This will exhibit bugs in g_variant_valist_free_nnp() as these types are
      not properly handled.
    • Philip Withnall's avatar
      gkeyfile: Fix parsing of new lines in comments · ff8b7316
      Philip Withnall authored
      Previously, the code which parsed comments in key files would append a
      line break to the comment where there was none before; this was part of
      the code for handling re-inserting line breaks into multi-line comments
      after removing the ‘#’ prefix. Now, we don’t add a terminal line break.
      This was slightly icky to implement because parse_value_as_comment() is
      called once for each line of a multi-line comment.
      This expands the existing test case to cover a single line comment, and
      also fixes the documentation to correctly state that the leading ‘#’
      *is* removed and mention the new line break behaviour.
      Signed-off-by: Philip Withnall's avatarPhilip Withnall <withnall@endlessm.com>
  20. 29 Oct, 2018 1 commit