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binding: Clarify the use of g_object_unref() to remove a binding

See merge request !515
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......@@ -799,9 +799,11 @@ g_binding_unbind (GBinding *binding)
* of bidirectional bindings, otherwise it will be ignored
* The binding will automatically be removed when either the @source or the
* @target instances are finalized. To remove the binding without affecting the
* @source and the @target you can just call g_object_unref() on the returned
* #GBinding instance.
* @target instances are finalized. This will release the reference that is
* being held on the #GBinding instance; if you want to hold on to the
* #GBinding instance, you will need to hold a reference to it.
* To remove the binding, call g_binding_unbind().
* A #GObject can have multiple bindings.
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