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Overview of changes in GLib 2.57.3
* G_GNUC_MALLOC’s definition has been tightened up to match an updated
definition from GCC. Many uses of G_GNUC_MALLOC which were previously
appropriate may cause miscompilation with newer GCC versions. Check your uses
of it against the updated documentation. See #1465.
* Many minor documentation fixes.
* Fix for gint64 and int64_t compatibility on macOS and BSD. See #972.
* Fix free space metadata on some file systems (notably FAT). See #328.
* Support installed-tests with our Meson build system. See #1444.
* Forbid @filename@/@basename@ in glib-mkenums templates, which is a change to
its long-standing behaviour (which was long-standing nonsensical). See !241.
* Various stat() fixes on Windows. See #1452, #1476.
* MinGW-w64 ABI warning: In case you build 64 bit glib without LFS support by
passing --disable-largefile (not the default) and use GStatBuf, you need to
rebuild your application as the size of GStatBuf has changed for this case.
See #1476
See #1476.
* Improve TAP compatibility of g_test_incomplete(). See #1474.
* Change fallback preferences when loading icons. See !72.
Bugs fixed:
!263 build: Clean files left behind after gio/tests/gresource.c test
!262 gmem: Only evaluate pointer argument to g_clear_pointer() once
#1465 Many uses of G_GNUC_MALLOC are incorrect
#1448 g_error does not abort() as documented
#1494 g_clear_pointer may not use the correct calling convention with its callback
#972 Mismatch between gint64 and int64_t on 64-bit macOS/BSD
!251 gtestdbus: Fix watcher crash on FreeBSD
#1492 gcc-8: -Wcast-function-type: new warnings for g_list_copy_deep()
!252 tests: fix gnotification tests broken due to the recent icon name fallback changes
#328 filesystem::{free,size,used} not set for full FAT fs
!248 network monitor portal: update properties initially
#1373 Incorrect transfer annotation for g_binding_unbind.
#1444 the meson build doesn't support installed tests
#1027 Fix trashing on overlayfs
#1454 gvdb does not treat corrupt files as empty as promised; dconf suffers
!243 tests: Explicitly set TZ=UTC for g_time_val_from_iso8601() testing
#1488 ‘O_CLOEXEC’ undeclared (first use in this function)
!241 glib-mkenums: forbid @filename@/@basename@ in fhead and ftail
!240 gtimer: Ensure arithmetic is correctly signed for ISO 8601 parsing
#1452 GFileInfo: unable to retrieve correct modification time of links and mounted volumes on Windows
!234 DOC: Documentation fix in GTask description
#1363 Meson: Review cross compilation properties
!225 gtimer: Add overflow checks to g_time_val_from_iso8601()
!230 gbookmarkfile: Fix some more minor leaks when metadata elements are repeated
!229 Fix up g_bytes_compare() documentation
#1476 g_stat - possbile memory corruption causing SEGFAULT
!199 Update TLS documentation
#1474 g_test_incomplete() makes test_case_run() return FALSE
#1475 glib/tests/atomic.c test_types() trips -Werror=bad-function-cast on Debian armel
#1472 Test for BROKEN_IP_MREQ_SOURCE_STRUCT is broken on Windows / Mingw
!220 date test: Use g_test_skip(), not g_test_incomplete()
#1467 malloc difference causes refstring test to fail on FreeBSD
!230 gbookmarkfile: Fix some more minor leaks when metadata elements are repeated
#1466 Not Able to Build glib 2.57.2 in Mingw-w64 x64 bits
#1433 test_posix_parse: assertion failed (g_time_zone_get_abbreviation (tz, 0) == "UTC"): ("LMT" == "UTC")
#1446 Follow-up from "Document difference between g_assert() and g_assert_*() wrt G_DISABLE_ASSERT"
!206 grefstring: Avoid an unnecessary NUL assignment
#1458 g_volume_get_mount returns NULL value after g_volume_mount_finish is called with no error
!72 gio: icons should fallback to non-preferred style appropriately.
* Translation updates:
Chinese (Taiwan)
Overview of changes in GLib 2.57.2
......@@ -31,7 +31,7 @@ m4_define(glib_configure_ac)
m4_define([glib_major_version], [2])
m4_define([glib_minor_version], [57])
m4_define([glib_micro_version], [2])
m4_define([glib_micro_version], [3])
m4_define([glib_interface_age], [0])
[m4_eval(100 * glib_minor_version + glib_micro_version)])
project('glib', 'c', 'cpp',
version : '2.57.2',
version : '2.57.3',
meson_version : '>= 0.47.0',
default_options : [
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