Commit f061765e authored by Alexander Larsson's avatar Alexander Larsson

Call sync close function directly in async implementation

The g_io_stream_wrapper fails since there is already an outstanding
operation (the async close).
parent fdfdec36
......@@ -291,11 +291,15 @@ g_socket_connection_close_async (GIOStream *stream,
gpointer user_data)
GSimpleAsyncResult *res;
GIOStreamClass *class;
GError *error;
class = G_IO_STREAM_GET_CLASS (stream);
/* socket close is not blocked, just do it! */
error = NULL;
if (!g_io_stream_close (stream, cancellable, &error))
if (class->close_fn &&
!class->close_fn (stream, cancellable, &error))
g_simple_async_report_gerror_in_idle (G_OBJECT (stream),
callback, user_data,
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