Commit edcac1ee authored by John Ralls's avatar John Ralls

Bug 661129: Duplicate symbols zero_thread and g_once_mutex on OSX

parent 59f1f546
......@@ -72,8 +72,8 @@ struct _GRealThread
GSystemThread system_thread;
G_GNUC_INTERNAL GSystemThread zero_thread;
G_GNUC_INTERNAL GMutex g_once_mutex;
G_GNUC_INTERNAL extern GSystemThread zero_thread;
G_GNUC_INTERNAL extern GMutex g_once_mutex;
G_GNUC_INTERNAL void g_static_private_cleanup (GRealThread *thread);
G_GNUC_INTERNAL void g_enumerable_thread_add (GRealThread *thread);
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