Commit e3280675 authored by Philip Withnall's avatar Philip Withnall

Merge branch 'wip/lantw/freebsd-kqueue-simple' into 'master'

FreeBSD kqueue file monitor fixes: the simple parts

See merge request !76
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......@@ -121,7 +121,7 @@ _ke_is_excluded (const char *full_path)
g_object_unref (f);
if ((mount != NULL && (g_mount_can_unmount (mount))) || g_str_has_prefix (full_path, "/mnt/"))
if (mount != NULL && (g_str_has_prefix (full_path, "/media/") || g_str_has_prefix (full_path, "/run/media/")))
g_warning ("Excluding %s from kernel notification, falling back to poll", full_path);
if (mount)
......@@ -477,7 +477,15 @@ test_create_delete (gconstpointer d)
* that the monitor will notice a create immediately followed by a
* delete, rather than coalescing them into nothing.
if (!strcmp (G_OBJECT_TYPE_NAME (data->monitor), "GPollFileMonitor"))
/* This test also doesn't work with GKqueueFileMonitor because of
* the same reason. Kqueue is able to return a kevent when a file is
* created or deleted in a directory. However, the kernel doesn't tell
* the program file names, so GKqueueFileMonitor has to calculate the
* difference itself. This is usually too slow for rapid file creation
* and deletion tests.
if (strcmp (G_OBJECT_TYPE_NAME (data->monitor), "GPollFileMonitor") == 0 ||
strcmp (G_OBJECT_TYPE_NAME (data->monitor), "GKqueueFileMonitor") == 0)
g_test_skip ("skipping test for this GFileMonitor implementation");
goto skip;
......@@ -84,6 +84,19 @@ delete_file_idle (gpointer data)
static gboolean
stop_loop_idle (gpointer data)
MonitorData *d = data;
g_assert (d->state == 6);
if (d->loop)
g_main_loop_quit (d->loop);
static void
changed_cb (GFileMonitor *monitor,
GFile *file,
......@@ -112,8 +125,7 @@ changed_cb (GFileMonitor *monitor,
case 5:
g_assert (event == G_FILE_MONITOR_EVENT_DELETED);
d->state = 6;
if (d->loop)
g_main_loop_quit (d->loop);
g_idle_add (stop_loop_idle, data);
g_assert_not_reached ();
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