Commit e305fe97 authored by Steven McDonald's avatar Steven McDonald Committed by Philip Withnall

gio: Always purge kqueue subs from missing list

Previously, _kh_cancel_sub assumed that it only needed to call
_km_remove if sub did not exist in subs_hash_table. This is erroneous
because the complementary operation, _km_add_missing, can be called
from process_kqueue_notifications, in which context sub can *only* have
come from subs_hash_table.

Since _km_remove is implemented using g_slist_remove, which is
documented to be a noop if the list does not contain the element to be
removed, it is safe to call _km_remove unconditionally here.
parent c6890394
......@@ -498,22 +498,17 @@ _kh_add_sub (kqueue_sub *sub)
_kh_cancel_sub (kqueue_sub *sub)
gboolean missing = FALSE;
gboolean removed = FALSE;
g_assert (kqueue_socket_pair[0] != -1);
g_assert (sub != NULL);
_km_remove (sub);
G_LOCK (hash_lock);
missing = !g_hash_table_remove (subs_hash_table, GINT_TO_POINTER (sub->fd));
removed = g_hash_table_remove (subs_hash_table, GINT_TO_POINTER (sub->fd));
G_UNLOCK (hash_lock);
if (missing)
/* If there were no fd for this subscription, file is still
* missing. */
KH_W ("Removing subscription from missing");
_km_remove (sub);
if (removed)
/* fd will be closed in the kqueue thread */
_kqueue_thread_remove_fd (sub->fd);
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