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* SECTION:gactiongroup
* @title: GActionGroup
* @short_description: A group of actions
* #GActionGroup represents a group of actions.
* @see_also: #GAction
* #GActionGroup represents a group of actions. Actions can be used to
* expose functionality in a structured way, either from one part of a
* program to another, or to the outside world. Action groups are often
* used together with a #GMenuModel that provides additional
* representation data for displaying the actions to the user, e.g. in
* a menu.
* The main way to interact with the actions in a GActionGroup is to
* activate them with g_action_group_activate_action(). Activating an
* action may require a #GVariant parameter. The required type of the
* parameter can be inquired with g_action_group_get_action_parameter_type().
* Actions may be disabled, see g_action_group_get_action_enabled().
* Activating a disabled action has no effect.
* Actions may optionally have a state in the form of a #GVariant. The
* current state of an action can be inquired with
* g_action_group_get_action_state(). Activating a stateful action may
* change its state, but it is also possible to set the state by calling
* g_action_group_change_action_state().
* As typical example, consider a text editing application which has an
* option to change the current font to 'bold'. A good way to represent
* this would be a stateful action, with a boolean state. Activating the
* action would toggle the state.
* Each action in the group has a unique name (which is a string). All
* method calls, except g_action_group_list_actions() take the name of
* an action as an argument.
* Action groups are often used together with a #GMenuModel that provides
* additional representation data for the actions.
* The #GActionGroup API is meant to be the 'public' API to the action
* group. The calls here are exactly the interaction that 'external
* forces' (eg: UI, incoming D-Bus messages, etc.) are supposed to have
......@@ -54,7 +75,7 @@
* g_action_group_query_action(). The other virtual functions should
* not be implemented - their "wrappers" are actually implemented with
* calls to g_action_group_query_action().
* GActionGroupInterface:
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