Commit e06e441a authored by Allison Karlitskaya's avatar Allison Karlitskaya

GSettings delayed: fix handling of mandatory keys

  - if a key becomes mandatory, drop it from the changeset

  - if we still get failing writes (ie: because of a race) then drop the
    entire changeset and signal that it happened
parent eaaa4d14
......@@ -158,12 +158,18 @@ g_delayed_settings_backend_apply (GDelayedSettingsBackend *delayed)
if (g_tree_nnodes (delayed->priv->delayed) > 0)
gboolean success;
GTree *tmp;
tmp = delayed->priv->delayed;
delayed->priv->delayed = g_settings_backend_create_tree ();
g_settings_backend_write_keys (delayed->priv->backend,
tmp, delayed->priv);
success = g_settings_backend_write_keys (delayed->priv->backend,
tmp, delayed->priv);
if (!success)
g_settings_backend_changed_tree (G_SETTINGS_BACKEND (delayed),
tmp, NULL);
g_tree_unref (tmp);
if (delayed->priv->owner)
......@@ -236,22 +242,61 @@ delayed_backend_writable_changed (GSettingsBackend *backend,
GDelayedSettingsBackend *delayed = G_DELAYED_SETTINGS_BACKEND (user_data);
/* XXX: maybe drop keys from the delayed-apply settings
* if they became non-writable?
if (g_tree_lookup (delayed->priv->delayed, key) &&
!g_settings_backend_get_writable (delayed->priv->backend, key))
/* drop the key from our changeset if it just became read-only.
* no need to signal this since the writable change implies it.
g_tree_remove (delayed->priv->delayed, key);
g_settings_backend_writable_changed (G_SETTINGS_BACKEND (delayed), key);
/* slow method until we get foreach-with-remove in GTree
typedef struct
const gchar *path;
const gchar **keys;
gsize index;
} CheckPrefixState;
static gboolean
check_prefix (gpointer key,
gpointer value,
gpointer data)
CheckPrefixState *state = data;
if (g_str_has_prefix (key, state->path))
state->keys[state->index++] = key;
return FALSE;
static void
delayed_backend_path_writable_changed (GSettingsBackend *backend,
const gchar *path,
gpointer user_data)
GDelayedSettingsBackend *delayed = G_DELAYED_SETTINGS_BACKEND (user_data);
CheckPrefixState state = { path, };
gsize i;
/* collect a list of possibly-affected keys (ie: matching the path) */
state.keys = g_new (const gchar *, g_tree_nnodes (delayed->priv->delayed));
g_tree_foreach (delayed->priv->delayed, check_prefix, &state);
/* drop the keys that have been affected */
for (i = 0; i < state.index; i++)
if (!g_settings_backend_get_writable (delayed->priv->backend,
g_tree_remove (delayed->priv->delayed, state.keys[i]);
g_free (state.keys);
/* XXX: maybe drop keys from the delayed-apply settings
* if they became non-writable?
g_settings_backend_path_writable_changed (G_SETTINGS_BACKEND (delayed),
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