Commit d1cb9749 authored by Andrea Azzarone's avatar Andrea Azzarone 🚴

socket: Fix annotation for flags in g_socket_receive_message

Closes: gjs#227
parent 7644b6a3
......@@ -5648,7 +5648,7 @@ g_socket_receive_messages_with_timeout (GSocket *socket,
* which may be filled with an array of #GSocketControlMessages, or %NULL
* @num_messages: (out): a pointer which will be filled with the number of
* elements in @messages, or %NULL
* @flags: (type GSocketMsgFlags): (inout): a pointer to an int containing #GSocketMsgFlags flags
* @flags: (type GSocketMsgFlags) (inout): a pointer to an int containing #GSocketMsgFlags flags
* @cancellable: a %GCancellable or %NULL
* @error: a #GError pointer, or %NULL
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