Commit c5754bdc authored by Chun-wei Fan's avatar Chun-wei Fan

build/Makefile.msvcproj: Fix cleanup

When we make Visual Studio 2013 the baseline Visual Studio version, we need to
the *.vs12.sourcefiles that are generated along the way so that 'make distcheck'
won't complain about the leftover files.  This was not caught in GLib as we do
not yet require Visual Studio 2013, but we update this here as this module is
intended to be used in projects that support Visual Studio project builds.
parent 073f4dfb
......@@ -128,6 +128,8 @@ $(top_builddir)/build/win32/vs12/$(1).vcxproj: Makefile
$(CPP) -P - <$(top_srcdir)/build/win32/vs12/$(1).vcxprojin >$(top_builddir)/build/win32/vs12/$(1).vcxproj
$(CPP) -P - <$(top_srcdir)/build/win32/vs12/$(1).vcxproj.filtersin >$(top_builddir)/build/win32/vs12/$(1).vcxproj.filters
$(RM) $(1).vs12.sourcefiles
$(RM) $(1).vs12.sourcefiles.filters
$(top_builddir)/build/win32/vs12/$(1).vs12.headers: Makefile
-$(RM) $(top_builddir)/build/win32/vs12/$(1).vs12.headers
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