Commit c52021f3 authored by Tomasz Miąsko's avatar Tomasz Miąsko Committed by Tomasz Miąsko

tests: Don't leak check-proxies thread

parent d75605e8
...@@ -583,10 +583,8 @@ on_name_acquired (GDBusConnection *connection, ...@@ -583,10 +583,8 @@ on_name_acquired (GDBusConnection *connection,
gpointer user_data) gpointer user_data)
{ {
GMainLoop *loop = user_data; GMainLoop *loop = user_data;
GThread *thread = g_thread_new ("check-proxies", check_proxies_in_thread, loop);
g_thread_new ("check-proxies", g_thread_unref (thread);
} }
static void static void
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