Commit bec6a9a3 authored by Chun-wei Fan's avatar Chun-wei Fan

g_application_run(): Fix on Windows When Using Bindings

As g_win32_get_command_line() calls CommandLineToArgvW() to acquire the
arguments passed into a GApplication program, it actually returns the
whole command line which is used to invoke the program, including the
script interpreter and its flags when a script using GNOME bindings
(e.g. PyGObject and so on) is being invoked.

The issue here is that g_application_run() would most probably have
trouble in the scripts scenario on Windows as it is likely unable to
"recognize" the script interpreter, causing such scripts to fail to run.

Largely based on the patch by Ray Donnelly <>.
parent 5f4b9220
......@@ -2277,7 +2277,34 @@ g_application_run (GApplication *application,
g_return_val_if_fail (!application->priv->must_quit_now, 1);
#ifdef G_OS_WIN32
arguments = g_win32_get_command_line ();
gint new_argc = 0;
arguments = g_win32_get_command_line ();
* CommandLineToArgvW(), which is called by g_win32_get_command_line(),
* pulls in the whole command line that is used to call the program. This is
* fine in cases where the program is a .exe program, but in the cases where the
* program is a called via a script, such as PyGObject's, which is normally
* called using 'python' on Windows, the program name (argv[0])
* returned by g_win32_get_command_line() will not be the argv[0] that ->local_command_line()
* would expect, causing the program to fail with "This application can not open files."
new_argc = g_strv_length (arguments);
if (new_argc > argc)
gint i;
for (i = 0; i < new_argc - argc; i++)
g_free (arguments[i]);
memmove (&arguments[0],
&arguments[new_argc - argc],
sizeof (arguments[0]) * (argc + 1));
gint i;
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