Commit beac9fe2 authored by Michael Catanzaro's avatar Michael Catanzaro

gdbus: Clean up sockets and nonces from filesystem

When we close the GDBusServer, it should remove any non-abstract Unix
sockets or TCP nonce files it created from the filesystem.

Fixes #1808
parent f5631ecb
......@@ -101,6 +101,7 @@ struct _GDBusServer
gchar *client_address;
gchar *unix_socket_path;
GSocketListener *listener;
gboolean is_using_listener;
gulong run_signal_handler_id;
......@@ -194,10 +195,20 @@ g_dbus_server_finalize (GObject *object)
memset (server->nonce, '\0', 16);
g_free (server->nonce);
/* we could unlink the nonce file but I don't
* think it's really worth the effort/risk
g_free (server->nonce_file);
if (server->unix_socket_path)
if (g_unlink (server->unix_socket_path) != 0)
g_warning ("Failed to delete %s: %s", server->unix_socket_path, g_strerror (errno));
g_free (server->unix_socket_path);
if (server->nonce_file)
if (g_unlink (server->nonce_file) != 0)
g_warning ("Failed to delete %s: %s", server->nonce_file, g_strerror (errno));
g_free (server->nonce_file);
g_main_context_unref (server->main_context_at_construction);
......@@ -768,9 +779,12 @@ try_unix (GDBusServer *server,
server->client_address = g_strdup_printf ("unix:path=%s",
g_unix_socket_address_get_path (G_UNIX_SOCKET_ADDRESS (address)));
const char *address_path = g_unix_socket_address_get_path (G_UNIX_SOCKET_ADDRESS (address));
server->client_address = g_strdup_printf ("unix:path=%s", address_path);
server->unix_socket_path = g_strdup (address_path);
g_assert_not_reached ();
......@@ -1351,12 +1351,16 @@ test_nonce_tcp (void)
g_error_free (error);
g_assert (c == NULL);
g_free (nonce_file);
/* Recreate the nonce-file so we can ensure the server deletes it when stopped. */
g_assert_cmpint (g_creat (nonce_file, 0600), !=, -1);
g_dbus_server_stop (server);
g_object_unref (server);
server = NULL;
g_assert_false (g_file_test (nonce_file, G_FILE_TEST_EXISTS));
g_free (nonce_file);
g_main_loop_quit (service_loop);
g_thread_join (service_thread);
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