Commit bb7b0a8c authored by Chun-wei Fan's avatar Chun-wei Fan

gio/gdbusaddress.c: Silence RunDLL errors

The RunDLL command call during get_session_address_dbus_launch() was
expecting _g_win32_run_session_bus@16 and g_win32_run_session_bus
on Win32 and Win64 respectively at least when GLib is compiled with MSVC,
not g_win32_run_session_bus@16, which caused annoying RunDLL error dialogue
boxes to show up during the use of GtkApplication (such as when running
gtk3-demo-application on Windows), prevented GtkApplication items from
being run for more than one time during the lifespan of the program,
and this also interfered with some GTK+ tests, causing them to fail.

Update accordingly to address the issue.
parent 2ff85ca4
......@@ -1400,7 +1400,15 @@ get_session_address_dbus_launch (GError **error)
wcscat (args, rundll_path);
wcscat (args, L"\" ");
wcscat (args, gio_path_short);
#ifdef _MSC_VER
#if defined(_WIN64) || defined(_M_X64) || defined(_M_AMD64)
wcscat (args, L",g_win32_run_session_bus");
wcscat (args, L",_g_win32_run_session_bus@16");
wcscat (args, L",g_win32_run_session_bus@16");
res = CreateProcessW (rundll_path, args,
0, 0, FALSE,
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