Commit b7f05063 authored by Allison Karlitskaya's avatar Allison Karlitskaya

thread: hide g_static_rec_mutex_get_rec_mutex_impl

Unlike with GStaticMutex, this function was never part of the pre-2.32
ABI, so we should keep it tucked in.
parent 1f34ef41
......@@ -637,7 +637,7 @@ g_static_rec_mutex_init (GStaticRecMutex *mutex)
*mutex = init_mutex;
GRecMutex *
static GRecMutex *
g_static_rec_mutex_get_rec_mutex_impl (GStaticRecMutex* mutex)
GRecMutex *result;
......@@ -1317,14 +1317,14 @@ filename_charset_cache_free (gpointer data)
g_get_filename_charsets (const gchar ***filename_charsets)
static GStaticPrivate cache_private = G_STATIC_PRIVATE_INIT;
GFilenameCharsetCache *cache = g_static_private_get (&cache_private);
static GPrivate cache_private = G_PRIVATE_INIT (filename_charset_cache_free);
GFilenameCharsetCache *cache = g_private_get (&cache_private);
const gchar *charset;
if (!cache)
cache = g_new0 (GFilenameCharsetCache, 1);
g_static_private_set (&cache_private, cache, filename_charset_cache_free);
g_private_set (&cache_private, cache);
g_get_charset (&charset);
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