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Overview of changes in GLib 2.55.0
* New API:
- g_clear_handle_id, to simplify removing sources from the default mainloop
- g_file_load_bytes, to make it more convenient to load files into GBytes
* Bugs fixed:
330458 Sample code for the GLib Key-value parser
483341 g_error and friends create warnings when not used in MSVC
569375 g[u]intptr undocumented
573251 documentation for g_seekable_truncate() needs some love
629347 Missing annotations in GFile (was: Perf throws an exception in cur...
630983 [PATCH] Type accuracy for result of strlen() in string utilities.
632953 Clarify documentation of GValueTransform.
636210 Document that pre-unmount is not guaranteed and backend-dependant
656502 type information for GSettings::backend missing from .gir
661442 Nautilus crashes when refreshing home folder after modifying ~/.co...
668035 gtester-report broken with python 2.7.2 and glib 2.30.1
670139 gbytes.c:try_steal_and_unref nit
677233 (transfer full) annotation not correct for g_closure_new_simple re...
679347 glocalfile seems to leak 'fstype'
679467 Mention translation in g_warning() documentation
689323 Variable scoping in gunixmounts.c
691436 glib-mkenums output arch dependent
695681 gsettings bash completion put error messages
705331 AM_PATH_GLIB_2_0 macro fails with -Wstrict-prototypes -Werror
706667 Fix permission denied error when installing from an nfs directory
711809 gdbus-proxy: Fix erroneous timeout during following tests
722256 gslist: Simplified node removal and got rid of some code duplication
723655 Socket source is left in the poll after the socket is closed
723743 g_child_watch_add() doesn't check for non-pids
725014 g_settings_schema_source_ref should check for NULL pointer
727346 docs: Escape some backslashes for markdown
730296 gsignal: Fix a potential NULL pointer dereference
731625 Improve test for darwin printf format-strings
731705 gio/tests/desktop-app-info assumes /bin/true
737278 Clarify relationship of g_application_quit() to hold count
738176 Skip GSpawnChildSetupFunc closures in introspection
740223 source_object for GAsyncResult should be nullable
740791 gio: cannot specify the source when joining a multicast group (IGM...
740826 glib doesn't know fuse filesystems
742548 stay out of autoconf's namespace
742997 Don't skip invalid enum values in schemas
745723 -Wunused-but-set-variable work-around no longer sufficient
749371 Use a GHashTable as a set when possible
751738 Unused-variable warnings in glib/tests/autoptr.c
752239 Missing dependency for python files in build file
752240 Add DTLS support to GIO
753459 GDateTime: Add conversion functions from/to ISO 8601 strings
753521 g_subprocess_launcher_set_environ misses argument annotations
754026 gfileutils: add some sanity checks
756009 'const gchar* const *' gets incorrectly defaulted to utf8
756103 Skip g_base64_decode_step() in introspection
756128 Fix up annotations in gconvert
756430 g_rw_lock_reader_lock() can return without locking, or error
756470 Fix up annotations in gdataset.c
756588 Fix up annotations on data/qdata API of GObject
760022 Memory leak in gvariant-parser.c
760109 [PATCH] Invalid GDate can't be g_boxed_copy()'d
760716 Fix documentation regarding <glib/gprintf.h>
765063 Update annotations for gio
765552 Please set serial in .m4 files to prevent autoreconf failure on up...
767215 GCC version number is interpreted as start of a list in docs for g...
767239 Tautological comparisons in convert tests
769674 some GIO tests' arbitrary timeouts are too short
769846 gmessages: Add timestamp to g_log_writer_format_fields()
770459 Tutorial article is slightly wrong
773355 Incorrect documentation about stopping a signal emission from a hook
774083 spelling mistakes in glib: charater
776562 Add Intel C Compiler support for G_GNUC_BEGIN/END_IGNORE_DEPRECATI...
777308 GModule win32: disable error dialog popup
777310 gio/gasynchelper.c: fix cast from pointer to smaller int type on w...
777956 gmessages: Update advice for G_LOG_DOMAIN
779182 xdg-open fails with gio open for some uris
779501 Type of GIConv given wrongly on web
780202 introspection: Don't expose
780296 xdg-open/gnome-open doesn't work if service isn't started
781598 gstdio.h should #include what it needs to work
781867 various gvfsd-* wants to look in /boot/efi, causes unnecessary/ina...
783210 build: Switch to sassc for generating style
783270 Improve Visual Studio support for Meson builds
783825 Suggest that asynchronous operations should invoke the callback in...
786737 No g_variant_get() example for dicts
786785 Commit #fe2a9887a8 breaks gdbus-codegen, cannot find its module so...
787271 Make GListModel usable from G-I bindings
787485 g_tls_backend_supports_dtls () returns true when the backend doesn't
787551 Factor out some duplicated code in GParamSpec validation
787581 tests: Add tests for g_slist_copy() and g_slist_copy_deep()
787671 meson: Fix permissions of installed scripts
787731 g_file_query_filesystem_info() wrongly reports "filesystem::readon...
788138 glib-compile-resources: Fix leak of a GHashTable
788180 G_FILE_ATTRIBUTE_ID_FILE is useless on W32
788270 gmodule - failed to load symbol on Android 64bit
788368 Race condition in GDbusObjectManagerClient
788384 gtypes: Fix signedness of __builtin_bswap() usage
788385 gtestutils: Explicitly cast args to g_assertion_message_cmpnum()
788401 PATCH: MacOS build cannot detect content type from content - xdgmi...
788467 Fatal errors and warnings should be reported as TAP
788488 GFile-based API for g_build_filename()
788489 gmain: add g_clear_source API
788561 Document how to integrate GTest into your project
788594 gdbus-tool doesn’t handle non-message-bus connections correctly
788705 Allow building GLib on older Linux platforms
788766 fixed a doc-typo in socket_get_remote_address
788772 meson installs gdb scripts incorrectly
788863 Add more filename type annotations for strings which can contain f...
788880 gunixmounts: Update list of virtual file systems to ignore
788927 Expose better API for detecting ‘system’ mounts
788936 Show mime type icons on OS X
788948 Document Autotools best practices for genmarshal/mkenums
788975 Meson + Visual Studio: Can't find zlib.h with subprojects/zlib
788978 Document XML has a syntax error
788989 Use subdir-objects with Autotools
788990 Include licensing information in output from glib-mkenums, glib-ge...
789087 gint and guint misrepresented as functions
789170 GFormatSizeFlags should have a value for bits
789245 g_settings_bind() not conforming to lifecycle specification
789444 Fix handling of length in g_utf8_make_valid
789637 glib-mkenums: Fails when --ouput file does not exist
789681 meson: Libmount support not built
789723 [PATCH] gdbus-codegen: Call abspath() earlier
789755 g_get_host_name: ensure return value is always UTF8 encoded
789820 GPollFileMonitor is not cleaning up correctly
790015 docs: Various linking and syntax fixes
790030 GResource/GVariant fails to load from non-pointer aligned memory
790093 gio-tool: fix inverted logic in monitor tool
790126 is missing from tarballs
790147 build: Drop in favour of
790157 gmessages: Give examples of G_DEBUG with gdb in the documentation
790272 file: add g_file_load_bytes()
790275 avoid temporary string allocations in g_resources_enumerate_children
790310 speedup path canonicalization in GResourceFile
* Translation updates:
Catalan (Valencian)
Norwegian bokmål
Overview of changes in GLib 2.54.0
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