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GMenuModel: Flesh out the docs some more

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* FIXME: explain how items are associated with actions.
* Items in a #GMenuModel represent active controls if they refer to
* an action that can get activated when the user interacts with the
* menu item. The reference to the action is encoded by the string id
* in the %G_MENU_ATTRIBUTE_ACTION attribute. An action id uniquely
* identifies an action in an action group. Which action group(s) provide
* actions depends on the context in which the menu model is used.
* E.g. when the model is exported as the application menu of a
* #GtkApplication, actions can be application-wide or window-specific
* (and thus come from two different action groups). By convention, the
* application-wide actions have names that start with "app.", while the
* names of window-specific actions start with "win.".
* While a wide variety of stateful actions is possible, the following
* is the minimum that is expected to be supported by all users of exported
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