Commit a81b925d authored by Sebastian Dröge's avatar Sebastian Dröge

Fix up g_bytes_compare() documentation

It was declaring the opposite of what the function was actually doing,
and what every other comparison function is doing.
parent 0fba231a
......@@ -403,10 +403,18 @@ g_bytes_hash (gconstpointer bytes)
* Compares the two #GBytes values.
* This function can be used to sort GBytes instances in lexographical order.
* This function can be used to sort GBytes instances in lexicographical order.
* If @bytes1 and @bytes2 have different length but the shorter one is a
* prefix of the longer one then the shorter one is considered to be less than
* the longer one. Otherwise the first byte where both differ is used for
* comparison. If @bytes1 has a smaller value at that position it is
* considered less, otherwise greater than @bytes2.
* Returns: a negative value if @bytes1 is less than @bytes2, a positive value
* if @bytes1 is greater than @bytes2, and zero if @bytes1 is equal to
* @bytes2
* Returns: a negative value if bytes2 is lesser, a positive value if bytes2 is
* greater, and zero if bytes2 is equal to bytes1
* Since: 2.32
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