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Fix the example, as well as the consistency in the terms.
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* #GVariant is a variant datatype; it can contain one or more values
* along with information about the type of the values.
* A GVariant can for example contain an array of two strings, an integer or a dictionary.
* This is useful for example when sending data via D-Bus, or when
* interacting with GSettings or GActions.
* When declaring a new GVariant, you parse the data you want to store in it
* along with a string representing the type of data you wish to parse to it.
* If you, for example, want to make a GVariant holding a string:
* A #GVariant may contain simple types, like an integer, or a boolean value;
* or complex types, like an array of two strings, or a dictionary of key
* value pairs. A #GVariant is also immutable: once it's been created neither
* its type nor its content can be modified further.
* GVariant is useful whenever data needs to be serialized, for example when
* sending method parameters in DBus, or when saving settings using GSettings.
* When creating a new #GVariant, you pass the data you want to store in it
* along with a string representing the type of data you wish to pass to it.
* For instance, if you want to create a #GVariant holding an integer value you
* can use:
* |[<!-- language="C" -->
* g_variant_new('u','40');
* GVariant *v = g_variant_new ('u', 40);
* ]|
* The string 'u' tells GVariant that the data parsed to it (40) is an integer.
* The string 'u' in the first argument tells #GVariant that the data passed to
* the constructor (40) is going to be an unsigned integer.
* More advanced examples of #GVariant in use can be found in documentation for
* [GVariant format strings][gvariant-format-strings-pointers].
* The range of possible values is determined by the type.
* The type system used by #GVariant is #GVariantType.
* #GVariant instances always have a type and a value (which are given
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