Commit 9bc3ae92 authored by Simon McVittie's avatar Simon McVittie

Makefile-newvs: some .vcxproj.filters files are in builddir, some in srcdir

Without this change, out-of-tree distcheck doesn't get very far.

Similarly, allow *.vcxproj, *.props to be in either the builddir or
the srcdir.

Finally, since I'm touching these lines anyway, eliminate some
useless uses of cat: "cat x | sed 's/foo/bar/' > y" is
equivalent to "sed 's/foo/bar/' < x > y".

Bug: default avatarChun-wei Fan <>
parent 812ce28d
......@@ -16,12 +16,22 @@ README.txt: $(top_srcdir)/build/win32/vs10/README.txt
cat $< | sed 's/vs10/vs$(MSVC_VER)/g' | sed 's/VS10/VS$(MSVC_VER)/g' > $(top_builddir)/build/win32/vs$(MSVC_VER)/$@
cat $(top_builddir)/build/win32/vs10/$@ | sed 's/v100/v$(MSVC_VER)0/g' > $(top_builddir)/build/win32/vs$(MSVC_VER)/$@
if test -e $(top_srcdir)/build/win32/vs10/$@; then \
sed 's/v100/v$(MSVC_VER)0/g' < $(top_srcdir)/build/win32/vs10/$@ > $(top_builddir)/build/win32/vs$(MSVC_VER)/$@; \
sed 's/v100/v$(MSVC_VER)0/g' < $(top_builddir)/build/win32/vs10/$@ > $(top_builddir)/build/win32/vs$(MSVC_VER)/$@; \
cat $(top_builddir)/build/win32/vs10/$@ | sed 's/<VSVer>10<\/VSVer>/<VSVer>$(MSVC_VER)<\/VSVer>/g' > $(top_builddir)/build/win32/vs$(MSVC_VER)/$@
if test -e $(top_srcdir)/build/win32/vs10/$@; then \
sed 's/<VSVer>10<\/VSVer>/<VSVer>$(MSVC_VER)<\/VSVer>/g' < $(top_srcdir)/build/win32/vs10/$@ > $(top_builddir)/build/win32/vs$(MSVC_VER)/$@; \
else \
sed 's/<VSVer>10<\/VSVer>/<VSVer>$(MSVC_VER)<\/VSVer>/g' < $(top_builddir)/build/win32/vs10/$@ > $(top_builddir)/build/win32/vs$(MSVC_VER)/$@; \
cp $(top_builddir)/build/win32/vs10/$@ $(top_builddir)/build/win32/vs$(MSVC_VER)/$@
if test -e $(top_srcdir)/build/win32/vs10/$@; then \
cp $(top_srcdir)/build/win32/vs10/$@ $(top_builddir)/build/win32/vs$(MSVC_VER)/$@; \
else \
cp $(top_builddir)/build/win32/vs10/$@ $(top_builddir)/build/win32/vs$(MSVC_VER)/$@; \
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