Commit 96f7e6d7 authored by Allison Karlitskaya's avatar Allison Karlitskaya

gtype: interface-after-init exception for gtk#

gtk# also has a problem with the new interface-after-init restriction
that nobody noticed until now.  Add an exception for them as well so
that they have a cycle or so to sort things out.
parent c5307e4c
......@@ -1007,8 +1007,10 @@ check_add_interface_L (GType instance_type,
g_warning ("attempting to add an interface (%s) to class (%s) after class_init",
NODE_NAME (iface), NODE_NAME (node));
/* See */
if (!g_str_has_prefix (NODE_NAME (node), "gtkmm__CustomObject_"))
/* See,
if (!g_str_has_prefix (NODE_NAME (node), "gtkmm__CustomObject_") && !strstr (NODE_NAME (node), "_gtksharp_"))
return FALSE;
tnode = lookup_type_node_I (NODE_PARENT_TYPE (iface));
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