Commit 94d855fc authored by Al Thomas's avatar Al Thomas

docs: Add note on how to check a gboolean condition

parent 245279e8
......@@ -64,6 +64,15 @@
* A standard boolean type.
* Variables of this type should only contain the value
* %TRUE or %FALSE.
* Never directly compare the contents of a #gboolean variable with the values
* %TRUE or %FALSE. Use `if (condition)` to check a #gboolean is "true", instead
* of `if (condition == TRUE)`. Likewise use `if (!condition)` to check a
* #gboolean is "false".
* There is no validation when assigning to a #gboolean variable and so it could
* contain any value represented by a #gint. This is why the use of `if
* (condition)` is recommended. All non-zero values in C evaluate to "true".
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