Commit 8efe28c5 authored by Philip Withnall's avatar Philip Withnall

ci: Add lcov configuration to ignore g_return_*if_fail()/g_assert*()

While we can’t add markers to the macro implementations to cause lcov to
ignore them automatically, we can change our lcov configuration to
ignore all calls to them.


This causes all the un-takeable branches and un-reachable assertions to
be ignored by our code coverage, which bumps our statistics:
 • Lines: 74.9% → 74.8%
 • Functions: 82.3% → 82.3%
 • Branches: 53.3% → 64.2%

The rationale is that nobody should be testing programmer error
handling, as g_return_*if_fail() are used to guard against — so it’s not
reasonable to count missed branches like that in code coverage
Signed-off-by: Philip Withnall's avatarPhilip Withnall <>
parent 96c65326
......@@ -24,9 +24,9 @@ fedora-x86_64:
- meson ${MESON_COMMON_OPTIONS} --werror -Dsystemtap=true -Ddtrace=true -Dfam=true _build
- ninja -C _build
- mkdir -p _coverage
- lcov --rc lcov_branch_coverage=1 --directory _build --capture --initial --output-file "_coverage/${CI_JOB_NAME}-baseline.lcov"
- lcov --config-file .gitlab-ci/lcovrc --directory _build --capture --initial --output-file "_coverage/${CI_JOB_NAME}-baseline.lcov"
- meson test -C _build --timeout-multiplier ${MESON_TEST_TIMEOUT_MULTIPLIER}
- lcov --rc lcov_branch_coverage=1 --directory _build --capture --output-file "_coverage/${CI_JOB_NAME}.lcov"
- lcov --config-file .gitlab-ci/lcovrc --directory _build --capture --output-file "_coverage/${CI_JOB_NAME}.lcov"
name: "glib-${CI_JOB_NAME}-${CI_COMMIT_REF_NAME}"
when: always
......@@ -7,14 +7,14 @@ python3 ./.gitlab-ci/ _coverage/*.lcov
for path in _coverage/*.lcov; do
# Remove coverage from generated code in the build directory
lcov --rc lcov_branch_coverage=1 -r "${path}" '*/_build/*' -o "$(pwd)/${path}"
lcov --config-file .gitlab-ci/lcovrc -r "${path}" '*/_build/*' -o "$(pwd)/${path}"
# Remove any coverage from system files
lcov --rc lcov_branch_coverage=1 -e "${path}" "$(pwd)/*" -o "$(pwd)/${path}"
lcov --config-file .gitlab-ci/lcovrc -e "${path}" "$(pwd)/*" -o "$(pwd)/${path}"
genhtml \
--ignore-errors=source \
--rc lcov_branch_coverage=1 \
--config-file .gitlab-ci/lcovrc \
_coverage/*.lcov \
-o _coverage/coverage
# lcov and genhtml configuration
# See
# Always enable branch coverage
lcov_branch_coverage = 1
# Exclude precondition assertions, as we can never reasonably get full branch
# coverage of them, as they should never normally fail.
# See
lcov_excl_br_line = LCOV_EXCL_BR_LINE|g_return_if_fail|g_return_val_if_fail|g_assert|g_assert_
# Similarly for unreachable assertions.
lcov_excl_line = LCOV_EXCL_LINE|g_return_if_reached|g_return_val_if_reached|g_assert_not_reached
\ No newline at end of file
......@@ -44,7 +44,7 @@ ninja
"${LCOV}" \
--quiet \
--rc lcov_branch_coverage=1 \
--config-file .gitlab-ci/lcovrc \
--directory "${DIR}/_build" \
--capture \
--initial \
......@@ -55,7 +55,7 @@ meson test --timeout-multiplier ${MESON_TEST_TIMEOUT_MULTIPLIER} || true
"${LCOV}" \
--quiet \
--rc lcov_branch_coverage=1 \
--config-file .gitlab-ci/lcovrc \
--directory "${DIR}/_build" \
--capture \
--output-file "${DIR}/_coverage/${CI_JOB_NAME}.lcov"
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