Commit 8dced725 authored by Philip Withnall's avatar Philip Withnall

Merge branch 'annotation-fix' into 'master'

goption: Fix an annotation on g_option_context_parse_strv()

See merge request !545
parents 33158c86 3987e679
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......@@ -2659,7 +2659,7 @@ g_option_context_get_description (GOptionContext *context)
* g_option_context_parse_strv:
* @context: a #GOptionContext
* @arguments: (inout) (array null-terminated=1): a pointer to the
* @arguments: (inout) (array zero-terminated=1): a pointer to the
* command line arguments (which must be in UTF-8 on Windows)
* @error: a return location for errors
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