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docs: Remove some old GMenu documentation

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* g_action_group_activate_action() on the application, it is always
* invoked in the primary instance. The actions are also exported on
* the session bus, and GIO provides the #GDBusActionGroup wrapper to
* conveniently access them remotely. Additionally, g_application_set_app_menu()
* and g_application_set_menubar() can be used to export representation
* data for the actions, in the form of #GMenuModels. GIO provides
* a #GDBusMenuModel wrapper for remote access to exported #GMenuModels.
* conveniently access them remotely. GIO provides a #GDBusMenuModel wrapper
* for remote access to exported #GMenuModels.
* There is a number of different entry points into a GApplication:
* <itemizedlist>
......@@ -38,9 +38,6 @@
* a regular item, use g_menu_insert(). To add a section, use
* g_menu_insert_section(). To add a submenu, use
* g_menu_insert_submenu().
* Often it is more convenient to create a #GMenu from an XML
* fragment, using <link linkend="gio-GMenu-Markup">GMenu Markup</link>.
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