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......@@ -167,7 +167,7 @@ core developers review your contribution.
Each contribution is reviewed by the core developers of the GLib project.
The [CODE-OWNERS](./docs/CODE-OWNERS) document contains the list of core
The [CODEOWNERS](./docs/CODEOWNERS) document contains the list of core
contributors to GLib and the areas for which they are responsible; you
should ensure to receive their review and signoff on your changes.
Currently, all code is maintained equally by the core maintainers.
See glib.doap for their names.
\ No newline at end of file
# These are the people responsible for subsystems in GLib; if you're opening
# a merge request for files listed here, please add the following people to
# the list of reviewers
# The syntax of this file is defined by GitLab:
# Which, in turn, is similar to the .gitignore and .gitattributes files:
# - comments start with `#`
# - the first column contains paths and globs
# - the second column contains GitLab user names or email addresses,
# separated by spaces
# The last matching glob (rather than the union of *all* matching globs) gives
# the owners of a piece of code.
# If you want to be responsible for code reviews in specific sections of
# the GLib code base, add yourself here.
# Overall maintainers
* @pwithnall @ebassi
# Build system @xclaesse @nirbheek @pwithnall
meson_options.txt @xclaesse @nirbheek @pwithnall
subprojects/ @xclaesse @nirbheek @pwithnall
# CI integration
.gitlab-ci* @pwithnall @xclaesse @creiter
# macOS support
*osx* @jralls @pwithnall @sdroege
*.m @jralls @pwithnall @sdroege
# Windows support
*win32* @lrn @creiter @fanc999 @pwithnall @sdroege
# Windows support (MSVC specific)
*msvc* @fanc999 @creiter @pwithnall @sdroege
# Android support
*android* @xclaesse @pwithnall @sdroege
# BSD support
*bsd* @jmatthew @ajacoutot @pwithnall
*kqueue* @jmatthew @ajacoutot @pwithnall
# flatpak portals
gio/*portal* @matthiasc @alexl @pwithnall
# Networking
gio/g*{tcp,udp,tls,socket,resolver,proxy,network,inet,datagram}* @mcatanzaro @pgriffis @pwithnall @sdroege
# D-Bus
gio/g*bus* @smcv @pwithnall
# I/O
gio/g*{file,vfs,mount,drive,volume}* @oholy @alexl @pwithnall @sdroege
gio/g*stream* @alexl @pwithnall @sdroege
gio/gio-tool* @oholy @alexl @pwithnall
# Generic bits of GLib
glib/ @ebassi @pwithnall @sdroege
# GObject type system
gobject/ @ebassi @pwithnall @sdroege
# GVariant
glib/gvariant* @pwithnall @sdroege
# grefcount, GRcBox and GRefString
glib/gref{count,string}.[ch] @ebassi @pwithnall @sdroege
glib/grc*.[ch] @ebassi @pwithnall @sdroege
glib/garc*.[ch] @ebassi @pwithnall @sdroege
# Logging
glib/gmessages.[ch] @pwithnall @sdroege
# Google clusterfuzz support
fuzzing/ @pwithnall
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