Commit 799caf77 authored by Philip Withnall's avatar Philip Withnall

gsubprocess: Add missing (nullable) annotation to get_identifier()

The bottom of the documentation comment for this symbol seems to have
been missing.
Signed-off-by: Philip Withnall's avatarPhilip Withnall <>
parent 7f256e63
......@@ -749,6 +749,11 @@ g_subprocess_newv (const gchar * const *argv,
* On UNIX, returns the process ID as a decimal string.
* On Windows, returns the result of GetProcessId() also as a string.
* If the subprocess has terminated, this will return %NULL.
* Returns: (nullable): the subprocess identifier, or %NULL if the subprocess
* has terminated
* Since: 2.40
const gchar *
g_subprocess_get_identifier (GSubprocess *subprocess)
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