Commit 700983c8 authored by Chun-wei Fan's avatar Chun-wei Fan

build: Add Common Autotools Module for MSVC Projects

This adds a common autotools module that can be used by various
projects to generate the Visual Studio projects as needed, and
if necessary, generate the headers listings to "install" for that
project, based on items passed in to this.  This is modelled on the
Makefile.introspection autotools file that is used by many GNOME
projects to generate the introspection files.
parent 63a5556a
# Author: Fan, Chun-wei
# Common Autotools file used to generate Visual Studio 2008+
# Projects from their templates
# This autotools file can be used in other projects that have
# Visual Studio build support, and can be copied into
# $(srcroot)/build/, except those that have their main sources
# in their $(srcroot), or those that have their build files in
# $(srcroot). Those that should not use this include:
# gobject-introspection, librsvg.
# * Input variables:
# MSVCPROJS - List of Projects that should be generated
# * Simple tutorial
# Add this to where your library/program is built:
# include $(top_srcdir)/build/Makefile.msvcproj
# MSVCPROJS = YourProject (can be multiple projects in a single srcdir)
# YourProject_FILES = $(libyourlib_1_0_SOURCES)
# YourProject_EXCLUDES = ... # list of sources to exclude, separated by '|', wildcards allowed; use random unsed value if none
# YourProject_HEADERS_DIR = $(libyourlibincludedir)
# YourProject_HEADERS_INST = $(libyourlib_1_0_HEADERS)
# YourProject_HEADERS_EXCLUDES = ... # <list of headers to exclude from installation, separated by '|', wildcards allowed; use random unsed value if none>
# dist-hook: \ # (or add to it if it is already there, note the vs9 items will also call the vs10 items in the process)
# $(top_builddir)/build/win32/vs9/YourProject.vcproj \
# $(top_builddir)/build/win32/vs9/YourProject.headers
# Private functions
## Transform the MSVC project filename (no filename extensions) to something which can reference through a variable
## without automake/make complaining, eg Gtk-2.0 -> Gtk_2_0
_proj_name=$(subst /,_,$(subst -,_,$(subst .,_,$(1))))
_proj_path_raw:=$(subst $(abs_top_srcdir)/,,$(abs_srcdir))
_proj_path=$(subst /,\\,$(_proj_path_raw))
_proj_subdir_int=$(if $(ifeq $(_proj_path),\.),\\,\\$(_proj_path)\\)
_proj_subdir=$(subst \\.\\,\\,$(_proj_subdir_int))
_proj_files_raw=$(subst /,\\,$($(_proj_name)_FILES))
_proj_files=$(subst $(srcdir)\\,,$(subst $(builddir)\\,,$(subst $(top_builddir)\\$(_proj_path)\\,\\,$(_proj_files_raw))))
_proj_headers_raw=$(subst /,\\,$($(_proj_name)_HEADERS_INST))
_proj_headers=$(subst $(srcdir)\\,,$(subst $(builddir)\\,,$(subst $(top_builddir)\\$(_proj_path)\\,\\,$(_proj_headers_raw))))
_headers_dest_posix=$(subst $(includedir),,$($(_proj_name)_HEADERS_DIR))
_headers_destdir=$(subst /,\\,$(_headers_dest_posix))
# Creates Visual Studio 2008/2010 projects from items passed in from autotools files
# $(1) - Base Name of the MSVC project files (outputs)
define msvcproj-builder
$(top_builddir)/build/win32/vs10/$(1).vcxproj: $(top_builddir)/build/win32/vs9/$(1).vcproj
$(top_builddir)/build/win32/vs10/$(1).vcxproj.filters: $(top_builddir)/build/win32/vs9/$(1).vcproj
$(1).sourcefiles: $(top_builddir)/build/win32/vs9/$(1).vcproj
$(1).vs10.sourcefiles: $(top_builddir)/build/win32/vs9/$(1).vcproj
$(1).vs10.sourcefiles.filters: $(top_builddir)/build/win32/vs9/$(1).vcproj
-$(RM) $(top_builddir)/build/win32/vs9/$(1).vcproj
-$(RM) $(top_builddir)/build/win32/vs10/$(1).vcxproj
-$(RM) $(top_builddir)/build/win32/vs10/$(1).vcxproj.filters
for F in $(_proj_files); do \
case $$$$F in \
$(_proj_filters)) \
;; \
*.c|*.cpp|*.cc|*.cxx) \
echo ' <File RelativePath="..\..\..'$(_proj_subdir)$$$$F'" />' >>$(1).sourcefiles && \
echo ' <ClCompile Include="..\..\..'$(_proj_subdir)$$$$F'" />' >>$(1).vs10.sourcefiles && \
echo ' <ClCompile Include="..\..\..'$(_proj_subdir)$$$$F'"><Filter>Source Files</Filter></ClCompile>' >>$(1).vs10.sourcefiles.filters \
;; \
esac; \
$(CPP) -P - <$(top_srcdir)/build/win32/vs9/$(1).vcprojin >$(top_builddir)/build/win32/vs9/$(1).vcproj
$(CPP) -P - <$(top_srcdir)/build/win32/vs10/$(1).vcxprojin >$(top_builddir)/build/win32/vs10/$(1).vcxproj
$(CPP) -P - <$(top_srcdir)/build/win32/vs10/$(1).vcxproj.filtersin >$(top_builddir)/build/win32/vs10/$(1).vcxproj.filters
$(RM) $(1).sourcefiles
$(RM) $(1).vs10.sourcefiles
$(RM) $(1).vs10.sourcefiles.filters
$(top_builddir)/build/win32/vs10/$(1).vs10.headers: $(top_builddir)/build/win32/vs9/$(1).headers
-$(RM) $(top_builddir)/build/win32/vs9/$(1).headers
-$(RM) $(top_builddir)/build/win32/vs10/$(1).vs10.headers
for F in $(_proj_headers); do \
case $$$$F in \
$(_proj_headers_excludes)) \
;; \
*.h|*.hpp|*.hh|*.hxx) \
echo 'copy ..\..\..'$(_proj_subdir)$$$$F' $$$$(CopyDir)\include'$(_headers_destdir)'\'$$$$F'&#x0D;&#x0A;' >>$(top_builddir)/build/win32/vs9/$(1).headers && \
echo 'copy ..\..\..'$(_proj_subdir)$$$$F' $$$$(CopyDir)\include'$(_headers_destdir)'\'$$$$F >>$(top_builddir)/build/win32/vs10/$(1).vs10.headers \
;; \
esac; \
$(foreach proj,$(MSVCPROJS),$(eval $(call msvcproj-builder,$(proj))))
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