Commit 68694541 authored by Allison Karlitskaya's avatar Allison Karlitskaya

add two missing version macros

parent 7c988447
......@@ -83,6 +83,7 @@ void g_simple_action_group_insert (GSimple
void g_simple_action_group_remove (GSimpleActionGroup *simple,
const gchar *action_name);
void g_simple_action_group_add_entries (GSimpleActionGroup *simple,
const GActionEntry *entries,
gint n_entries,
......@@ -145,6 +145,7 @@ GLIB_DEPRECATED_IN_2_32_FOR(g_mutex_init)
void g_static_mutex_init (GStaticMutex *mutex);
void g_static_mutex_free (GStaticMutex *mutex);
GMutex *g_static_mutex_get_mutex_impl (GStaticMutex *mutex);
typedef struct _GStaticRecMutex GStaticRecMutex;
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