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Overview of Changes from GLib 2.21.2 to GLib 2.21.3
* GMappedFile is refcounted now
* Mainloop: It is now possible to set per-thread default contexts,
with g_main_context_push_thread_default.
* glib-mkenums supports a @basename@ substitution, in addition
to @filename@.
* GIO:
- Vfs implementations can support storing of per-file metadata.
- GCancellable can now be subclassed.
- Unmount and eject methods now optionally allow interaction, via
variants that take a GMountOperation object.
* Bugs fixed:
556706 Inconsistent help arguments -h, -?
579449 FileChoosers no longer work if an idle handler is active
579933 mainloop FD_CLOEXEC has a race condition
579984 alternate GMainContext support
585937 gio/gsocket.c (glib 2.21.2) does not compile (Windows/mingw)
586675 Runtime library location
586797 Add GCancellables to GSocket ops
586868 g_filename_complete_get_completions doesn't always return...
587415 g_resolver_lookup_by_name_finish returns a freed list
587434 regression tests fail, at least on x86_64
586928 Avoid g++ warning in g_error()
* Updated translations:
Overview of Changes from GLib 2.21.1 to GLib 2.21.2
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