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Expand thread docs a bit

Add some discussion of pitfalls of threaded programming.
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* This is no longer necessary. Since version 2.32, the GLib threading
* system is automatically initialized at the start of your program,
* and all thread-creation functions and synchronization primitives
* are available right away. It is still possible to do thread-unsafe
* initialization and setup at the beginning of your program, before
* creating the first threads.
* GLib is internally completely thread-safe (all global data is
* are available right away.
* Note that it is not safe to assume that your program has no threads
* even if you don't call g_thread_new() yourself. GLib and GIO can
* and will create threads for their own purposes in some cases, such
* as when using g_unix_signal_source_new() or when using #GDBus.
* Originally, UNIX did not have threads, and therefore some traditional
* UNIX APIs are problematic in threaded programs. Some notable examples
* are
* <itemizedlist>
* <listitem>
* C library functions that return data in statically allocated
* buffers, such as strtok() or strerror(). For many of these,
* there are thread-safe variants with a _r suffix, or you can
* look at corresponding GLib APIs (like g_strsplit() or g_strerror()).
* </listitem>
* <listitem>
* setenv() and unsetenv() manipulate the process environment in
* a not thread-safe way, and may interfere with getenv() calls
* in other threads. Note that getenv() calls may be
* <quote>hidden</quote> behind other APIs. For example, GNU gettext()
* calls getenv() under the covers. In general, it is best to treat
* the environment as readonly. If you absolutely have to modify the
* environment, do it early in main(), when no other threads are around yet.
* </listitem>
* <listitem>
* setlocale() changes the locale for the entire process, affecting
* all threads. Temporary changes to the locale are often made to
* change the behavior of string scanning or formatting functions
* like scanf() or printf(). GLib offers a number of string APIs
* (like g_ascii_formatd() or g_ascii_strtod()) that can often be
* used as an alternative. Or you can use the uselocale() function
* to change the locale only for the current thread.
* </listitem>
* </itemizedlist>
* GLib itself is internally completely thread-safe (all global data is
* automatically locked), but individual data structure instances are
* not automatically locked for performance reasons. For example,
* you must coordinate accesses to the same #GHashTable from multiple
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