Commit 6566f746 authored by Matthias Clasen's avatar Matthias Clasen

Drop use of xinclude in GTestDBus docs

parent 95aba90d
......@@ -360,13 +360,9 @@ _g_test_watcher_remove_pid (GPid pid)
* Once you have a service definition file which is local to your source tree,
* you can proceed to set up a GTest fixture using the #GTestDBus scaffolding.
* Here is an example of a test fixture for D-Bus services:
* <programlisting>
* <xi:include xmlns:xi="" parse="text" href="../../../../gio/tests/gdbus-test-fixture.c">
* <xi:fallback>FIXME: MISSING XINCLUDE CONTENT</xi:fallback>
* </xi:include>
* </programlisting>
* An example of a test fixture for D-Bus services can be found
* here: <ulink url="">gdbus-test-fixture.c</ulink>
* Note that these examples only deal with isolating the D-Bus aspect of your
* service. To successfully run isolated unit tests on your service you may need
* some additional modifications to your test case fixture. For example; if your
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