Commit 61c1e2db authored by Florian Müllner's avatar Florian Müllner

vfs: Fix copying default schemes list

The list of supported schemes is not known at compile-time, so it is
wrong to iterate the list with G_N_ELEMENTS() and we miss all but the
first scheme. Fix by checking for the %NULL sentinel instead.
parent a42bdecf
......@@ -276,15 +276,14 @@ g_vfs_get_supported_uri_schemes (GVfs *vfs)
const char *additional_scheme;
GPtrArray *supported_schemes;
GHashTableIter iter;
int idx;
class = G_VFS_GET_CLASS (vfs);
default_schemes = (* class->get_supported_uri_schemes) (vfs);
supported_schemes = g_ptr_array_new ();
for (idx = 0; idx < G_N_ELEMENTS (default_schemes); idx++)
g_ptr_array_add (supported_schemes, (gpointer) default_schemes[idx]);
for (; default_schemes && *default_schemes; default_schemes++)
g_ptr_array_add (supported_schemes, (gpointer) *default_schemes);
g_rw_lock_reader_lock (&additional_schemes_lock);
g_hash_table_iter_init (&iter, priv->additional_schemes);
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