Commit 5ca9eca6 authored by Will Thompson's avatar Will Thompson 🐡 Committed by Philip Withnall

gdesktopappinfo: add get_string_list() function

The X-Flatpak-RenamedFrom key is used in .desktop files to identify past
names for the desktop file. It is defined to be a list of strings.
However, there was previously no correct way to retrieve a list of
strings from the GKeyFile wrapped by GDesktopAppInfo, short of
re-parsing the file with GKeyFile.

Note that doing something like:

    g_strsplit (g_desktop_app_info_get_string (...), ";", -1)

is not correct: the raw value "a\;b;" represents the one-element list
["a;b"], but g_key_file_get_string() rejects the sequence "\;", and so
g_desktop_app_info_get_string() returns NULL in this case. (Of course, a
.desktop file with a semicolon in its name is a pathological case.)

Add g_desktop_app_info_get_string_list(), a trivial wrapper around
g_key_file_get_string_list(), similar to g_desktop_app_info_get_string()
and co.

The change from g_key_file_free() to g_key_file_unref() in the test is
needed because g_key_file_free() clears the contents of the keyfile.
This is fine for all the fields which are eagerly loaded and copied into
GDesktopAppInfo, but not when we want to access arbitrary stuff from the
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......@@ -1621,6 +1621,7 @@ g_desktop_app_info_set_desktop_env
......@@ -4534,6 +4534,33 @@ g_desktop_app_info_get_boolean (GDesktopAppInfo *info,
* g_desktop_app_info_get_string_list:
* @info: a #GDesktopAppInfo
* @key: the key to look up
* @length: (out) (optional): return location for the number of returned strings, or %NULL
* Looks up a string list value in the keyfile backing @info.
* The @key is looked up in the "Desktop Entry" group.
* Returns: (array zero-terminated=1 length=length) (element-type utf8) (transfer full):
* a %NULL-terminated string array or %NULL if the specified
* key cannot be found. The array should be freed with g_strfreev().
* Since: 2.59.0
gchar **
g_desktop_app_info_get_string_list (GDesktopAppInfo *info,
const char *key,
gsize *length)
g_return_val_if_fail (G_IS_DESKTOP_APP_INFO (info), NULL);
return g_key_file_get_string_list (info->keyfile,
* g_desktop_app_info_has_key:
* @info: a #GDesktopAppInfo
......@@ -89,6 +89,11 @@ GLIB_AVAILABLE_IN_2_36
gboolean g_desktop_app_info_get_boolean (GDesktopAppInfo *info,
const char *key);
gchar ** g_desktop_app_info_get_string_list (GDesktopAppInfo *info,
const char *key,
gsize *length);
const gchar * const * g_desktop_app_info_list_actions (GDesktopAppInfo *info);
......@@ -512,6 +512,8 @@ test_from_keyfile (void)
GKeyFile *kf;
GError *error = NULL;
const gchar *categories;
gchar **categories_list;
gsize categories_count;
gchar **keywords;
const gchar *file;
const gchar *name;
......@@ -522,7 +524,7 @@ test_from_keyfile (void)
g_key_file_load_from_file (kf, path, G_KEY_FILE_NONE, &error);
g_assert_no_error (error);
info = g_desktop_app_info_new_from_keyfile (kf);
g_key_file_free (kf);
g_key_file_unref (kf);
g_assert (info != NULL);
g_object_get (info, "filename", &file, NULL);
......@@ -532,6 +534,11 @@ test_from_keyfile (void)
g_assert (file == NULL);
categories = g_desktop_app_info_get_categories (info);
g_assert_cmpstr (categories, ==, "GNOME;GTK;");
categories_list = g_desktop_app_info_get_string_list (info, "Categories", &categories_count);
g_assert_cmpint (categories_count, ==, 2);
g_assert_cmpint (g_strv_length (categories_list), ==, 2);
g_assert_cmpstr (categories_list[0], ==, "GNOME");
g_assert_cmpstr (categories_list[1], ==, "GTK");
keywords = (gchar **)g_desktop_app_info_get_keywords (info);
g_assert_cmpint (g_strv_length (keywords), ==, 2);
g_assert_cmpstr (keywords[0], ==, "keyword1");
......@@ -540,6 +547,7 @@ test_from_keyfile (void)
g_assert_cmpstr (name, ==, "generic-appinfo-test");
g_assert (!g_desktop_app_info_get_nodisplay (info));
g_strfreev (categories_list);
g_object_unref (info);
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