Commit 5ca8c2fa authored by Emmanuel Fleury's avatar Emmanuel Fleury

Fixing signedness in g_ptr_array_maybe_expand():garray.c

../glib.git/glib/garray.c: In function ‘g_ptr_array_maybe_expand’:
../glib.git/glib/garray.c:1172:43: error: comparison of integer expressions of different signedness: ‘unsigned int’ and ‘gint’ {aka ‘int’} [-Werror=sign-compare]
   if G_UNLIKELY ((G_MAXUINT - array->len) < len)
parent 94029409
......@@ -907,7 +907,7 @@ struct _GRealPtrArray
static void g_ptr_array_maybe_expand (GRealPtrArray *array,
gint len);
guint len);
* g_ptr_array_new:
......@@ -1166,7 +1166,7 @@ ptr_array_free (GPtrArray *array,
static void
g_ptr_array_maybe_expand (GRealPtrArray *array,
gint len)
guint len)
/* Detect potential overflow */
if G_UNLIKELY ((G_MAXUINT - array->len) < len)
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