Commit 5a0a85e4 authored by Jasper St. Pierre's avatar Jasper St. Pierre

gdesktopappinfo: Fix copy/paste typo from e24e89bc

Commit e24e89bc accidentally ironically introduced a typo when replacing
the code with symbolic contents. Specifically, "Added Associations" was
replaced with "Default Applications" when reading defaults.list, giving
a warning about the file containing a "Default Applications" group.

If this was intended, it should have not been lumped in with a cleanup.
parent e054bbfe
......@@ -897,7 +897,7 @@ desktop_file_dir_unindexed_read_mimeapps_lists (DesktopFileDir *dir)
* version.
filename = g_strdup_printf ("%s/defaults.list", dir->path);
desktop_file_dir_unindexed_read_mimeapps_list (dir, filename, DEFAULT_APPLICATIONS_GROUP, FALSE);
desktop_file_dir_unindexed_read_mimeapps_list (dir, filename, ADDED_ASSOCIATIONS_GROUP, FALSE);
g_free (filename);
/* Finally, the mimeinfo.cache, which is just a cached copy of what we
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