Commit 599c669b authored by Allison Karlitskaya's avatar Allison Karlitskaya

GLib 2.39.92

parent b0630a37
Overview of changes from GLib 2.39.91 to GLib 2.39.92
This is a release candidate for 2.40.0.
There are no major changes in this release, but a few serious bugs have
been fixed.
* Bugs fixed:
710367 Crash in g_settings_backend_dispatch_signal()
723899 G_DEFINE_TYPE() causes compiler warnings with clang due to foo_get_instance_private
724859 Let the test_wait_until() test also run on non-*nix
724916 gio unmount code makes XFCE's Thunar crash
725651 GSubprocessLauncher: Does not copy the calling process environment.
725656 Unskip GVariantDict
725891 gio tests: add codegen to BUILT_SOURCES
726046 Recent commit created symbolic icons issues
* Translations:
Norwegian bokmål
Traditional Chinese
Overview of changes from GLib 2.39.90 to GLib 2.39.91
......@@ -31,7 +31,7 @@ m4_define(glib_configure_ac)
m4_define([glib_major_version], [2])
m4_define([glib_minor_version], [39])
m4_define([glib_micro_version], [91])
m4_define([glib_micro_version], [92])
m4_define([glib_interface_age], [0])
[m4_eval(100 * glib_minor_version + glib_micro_version)])
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