Commit 4976e810 authored by Philip Withnall's avatar Philip Withnall

Revert "gmain: only signal GWakeup right before or during a blocking poll"

This reverts commit 9ba95e25.

It is causing undiagnosed problems with WebKit and other users of GLib.
See and

Reverting it until someone works out what the problem is.
parent e9757096
......@@ -277,8 +277,7 @@ struct _GMainContext
guint next_id;
GList *source_lists;
gboolean in_check_or_prepare;
gboolean need_wakeup;
gint in_check_or_prepare;
GPollRec *poll_records;
guint n_poll_records;
......@@ -652,7 +651,6 @@ g_main_context_new (void)
context->pending_dispatches = g_ptr_array_new ();
context->need_wakeup = FALSE;
context->time_is_fresh = FALSE;
context->wakeup = g_wakeup_new ();
......@@ -1129,11 +1127,17 @@ source_remove_from_context (GSource *source,
static void
conditional_wakeup (GMainContext *context)
/* This flag is set if at the start of prepare() we have no other ready
* sources, and hence would wait in poll(). In that case, any other threads
* attaching sources will need to signal a wakeup.
/* We want to signal wakeups in two cases:
* 1 When the context is owned by another thread
* 2 When the context owner is NULL (two subcases)
* 2a Possible if the context has never been acquired
* 2b Or if the context has no current owner
* At least case 2a) is necessary to ensure backwards compatibility with
* qemu's use of GMainContext.
if (context->need_wakeup)
if (context->owner != G_THREAD_SELF)
g_wakeup_signal (context->wakeup);
......@@ -3383,10 +3387,6 @@ g_main_context_prepare (GMainContext *context,
LOCK_CONTEXT (context);
/* context->need_wakeup is protected by LOCK_CONTEXT/UNLOCK_CONTEXT,
* so need not set it yet.
context->time_is_fresh = FALSE;
if (context->in_check_or_prepare)
......@@ -3512,8 +3512,6 @@ g_main_context_prepare (GMainContext *context,
g_source_iter_clear (&iter);
/* See conditional_wakeup() where this is used */
context->need_wakeup = (n_ready == 0);
TRACE (GLIB_MAIN_CONTEXT_AFTER_PREPARE (context, current_priority, n_ready));
......@@ -3648,12 +3646,6 @@ g_main_context_check (GMainContext *context,
TRACE (GLIB_MAIN_CONTEXT_BEFORE_CHECK (context, max_priority, fds, n_fds));
/* We don't need to wakeup during check or dispatch, because
* all sources will be re-evaluated during prepare/query.
context->need_wakeup = FALSE;
/* And if we have a wakeup pending, acknowledge it */
for (i = 0; i < n_fds; i++)
if (fds[i].fd == context->wake_up_rec.fd)
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