Commit 442d64ba authored by Matthew Leeds's avatar Matthew Leeds

gsubprocesslauncher: Clarify the behavior of set_environ()

GNOME Builder's code was assuming that setting the launcher's
environ to NULL makes the subprocess have an empty environment, but in
fact the parent process's variables are still inherited because execv is
used instead of execve when envp is NULL. This commit clarifies the
documentation to make the behavior clear.
parent e6b6a33f
......@@ -240,6 +240,9 @@ g_subprocess_launcher_new (GSubprocessFlags flags)
* As an alternative, you can use g_subprocess_launcher_setenv(),
* g_subprocess_launcher_unsetenv(), etc.
* Pass %NULL to inherit the parent process' environment. Pass an
* empty array to set an empty environment.
* On UNIX, all strings in this array can be arbitrary byte strings.
* On Windows, they should be in UTF-8.
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