Commit 42b160b1 authored by Steven Chamberlain's avatar Steven Chamberlain Committed by Allison Karlitskaya

gio: drop obsoleted lock causing deadlocks on FreeBSD

I think it is a recursion from the GUnixMountMonitor constructor, to a
GLocalFileMonitor on /etc/fstab, and into GUnixMountMonitor again, now
with a mutex already held, so it deadlocks.

That mutex in glocalfile.c:g_local_file_find_enclosing_mount() doesn't
seem necessary any more IMHO.  Inside it, only 'mount' is modified, but
that's just a stack variable local to this function.  When
klass->get_mount_for_mount_path is called, it's given one const
parameter and the other is unused, so they're unchanged. 'klass'
doesn't seem it could be modified either inside that function.

It doesn't recurse infinitely, but seems to work correctly and pass the
testsuite after this change.

The FreeBSD project already applied my patch in their ports tree, and
their users seem happy with it.

parent bec6a9a3
......@@ -591,11 +591,7 @@ _g_mount_get_for_mount_path (const gchar *mount_path,
mount = NULL;
if (klass->get_mount_for_mount_path)
g_rec_mutex_lock (&the_volume_monitor_mutex);
mount = klass->get_mount_for_mount_path (mount_path, cancellable);
g_rec_mutex_unlock (&the_volume_monitor_mutex);
mount = klass->get_mount_for_mount_path (mount_path, cancellable);
/* TODO: How do we know this succeeded? Keep in mind that the native
* volume monitor may fail (e.g. not being able to connect to
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