Commit 413605a6 authored by Mikhail Zabaluev's avatar Mikhail Zabaluev Committed by Philip Withnall

gconvert: Optimize UTF-8 conversions, fix output on error

In the strdup_len() path, no need to do what g_utf8_validate()
already does: locate the string-terminating nul byte.

Also in strdup_len(), make the out parameter bytes_read receive the length
of the valid (meaning also nul-free) part of the input string, as the
documentation on g_{locale,filename}_{from,to}_utf8() says it does.
parent 1e6803be
......@@ -823,20 +823,31 @@ g_convert_with_fallback (const gchar *str,
* Validate @string as UTF-8. @len can be negative if @string is
* nul-terminated, or a non-negative value in bytes. If @string ends in an
* incomplete sequence, or contains any illegal sequences or nul codepoints,
* %NULL will be returned and the error set to
* On success, @bytes_read and @bytes_written, if provided, will be set to
* the number of bytes in @string up to @len or the terminating nul byte.
* On error, @bytes_read will be set to the byte offset after the last valid
* and non-nul UTF-8 sequence in @string, and @bytes_written will be set to 0.
static gchar *
strdup_len (const gchar *string,
gssize len,
gsize *bytes_written,
gsize *bytes_read,
GError **error)
gsize *bytes_written,
GError **error)
gsize real_len;
const gchar *end_valid;
if (!g_utf8_validate (string, len, NULL))
if (!g_utf8_validate (string, len, &end_valid))
if (bytes_read)
*bytes_read = 0;
*bytes_read = end_valid - string;
if (bytes_written)
*bytes_written = 0;
......@@ -844,17 +855,9 @@ strdup_len (const gchar *string,
_("Invalid byte sequence in conversion input"));
return NULL;
if (len < 0)
real_len = strlen (string);
real_len = 0;
while (real_len < len && string[real_len])
real_len = end_valid - string;
if (bytes_read)
*bytes_read = real_len;
if (bytes_written)
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