Commit 3d5ce406 authored by Shaun McCance's avatar Shaun McCance

[gvariant-varargs.xml] Fix some outdated documentation

parent 8dddf649
......@@ -622,7 +622,7 @@ y = g_variant_get_variant (x);]]></programlisting></informalexample>
<code>(<link linkend='GVariantIter'>GVariantIter</link> **)</code>).
A new heap-allocated iterator is created and returned, initialised for iterating over the elements of the array.
This iterator should be freed when you are done with it, using
<link linkend='g-variant-iter-unref'><function>g_variant_iter_unref()</function></link>.
<link linkend='g-variant-iter-free'><function>g_variant_iter_free()</function></link>.
<link linkend='NULL--CAPS'><literal>NULL</literal></link> may also be given to indicate that the value of the array
should be ignored.
......@@ -633,12 +633,13 @@ y = g_variant_get_variant (x);]]></programlisting></informalexample>
<![CDATA[GVariantBuilder *builder;
GVariant *value;
builder = g_variant_builder_new (G_VARIANT_TYPE_CLASS_ARRAY, NULL);
builder = g_variant_builder_new (G_VARIANT_TYPE ("as"));
g_variant_builder_add (builder, "s", "when");
g_variant_builder_add (builder, "s", "in");
g_variant_builder_add (builder, "s", "the");
g_variant_builder_add (builder, "s", "course");
value = g_variant_new ("as", builder);
g_variant_builder_unref (builder);
GVariantIter *iter;
......@@ -646,9 +647,11 @@ value = g_variant_new ("as", builder);
g_variant_get (value, "as", &iter);
while (g_variant_iter_loop (iter, "s", &str))
g_print ("%s\n");
g_variant_iter_unref (iter);
g_print ("%s\n", str);
g_variant_iter_free (iter);
g_variant_unref (value);]]></programlisting></informalexample>
......@@ -814,7 +817,7 @@ value2 = g_variant_new ("()");
<![CDATA[GVariantBuilder *b;
GVariant *dict;
b = g_variant_builder_new (G_VARIANT_TYPE_CLASS_ARRAY, G_VARIANT_TYPE ("a{sv}"));
b = g_variant_builder_new (G_VARIANT_TYPE ("a{sv}"));
g_variant_builder_add (b, "{sv}", "name", g_variant_new_string ("foo"));
g_variant_builder_add (b, "{sv}", "timeout", g_variant_new_int32 (10));
dict = g_variant_builder_end (b);]]></programlisting></informalexample>
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