Commit 2fff3026 authored by Paul Pogonyshev's avatar Paul Pogonyshev

Don't try to ref NULL pointer in g_desktop_app_info_dup()

Fixes bug #573246.
parent d89cc0d7
......@@ -417,7 +417,8 @@ g_desktop_app_info_dup (GAppInfo *appinfo)
new_info->comment = g_strdup (info->comment);
new_info->nodisplay = info->nodisplay;
new_info->icon_name = g_strdup (info->icon_name);
new_info->icon = g_object_ref (info->icon);
if (info->icon)
new_info->icon = g_object_ref (info->icon);
new_info->only_show_in = g_strdupv (info->only_show_in);
new_info->not_show_in = g_strdupv (info->not_show_in);
new_info->try_exec = g_strdup (info->try_exec);
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